Broken Nose Track

NATIONAL PARK:    Dogs not allowed
DISTANCE:               8 km
TRACK CLASS:       Marked route
DIFFICULTY:            Strenuous
TIME:                        6 hours
TYPE OF WALK:      Return
WHERE:                   Track starts at Josephine Falls
SAFETY:                  To undertake this walk you will need to:
*be fit and experienced to undertake this hike.
*have the correct maps and a compass.
*have adequate food and water.
*bring clothing for extremely cold and wet weather.
*bring a fuel stove (no fire are permitted).
*give trip details to a responsible person.
MAP: Click here to download and print .pdf version


Broken Nose Trail Map Click to see full size

Towering above the fertile coastal plain 70 kilometres south of Cairns are the highest mountains in Queensland, Mt Bartle Frere (1622 metres) and its neighbour Mt Bellenden Ker (1593 metres). These mist-shrouded green giants are an important water source for nearby townships and keep the vegetation looking lush and green. More than 8 metres of rain falls on the summits of these mountains each year and over 1140 mm of rain has been recorded in 24 hours – one of the highest rainfall intensities in the world.

This 8 kilometre mountain rainforest trek is extremely demanding. The Broken Nose Walk is a branch of the walk to the summit of Mt Bartle Frere and should only be undertaken by experienced bushwalkers.  It is recommended that you allow most of the day for the walk to Broken Nose. There is an overnight campsite at Majura Creek if you wish to camp and a camping permit is required before you depart. Preparation is important for all  hiking to Broken Nose, as it is likely you will encounter variable weather conditions. These may include heavy rainfall, reduced visibility from cloud , cold temperatures and sudden weather changes.

The trailhead to Broken Nose and Mt Bartle Frere begins at the Josephine Falls carpark close to the ranger’s office. The beginning of the track is wide and clear through a tropical rainforest.  It takes approximately one hour to reach Majura Creek crossing.  This is a nice place to take a break, sit beside crystal clear mountain pools and towering boulders.  It is a good idea to top up the water here as well.  From the creek side the track takes a westerly ascent.  The path narrows and becomes covered with rocks and the gnarled root systems of dense forest.  Follow a narrow ridge towards the first of the two campsites known as Big Rock on the Majura Creek. Here is the turn off up to Broken Nose which sits at  926 metres above sea level and offers views across the coastal plains. The climb from here will take 3 to 4 hours return from Majura Creek. From Majura Creek campsite you can return to Josephine Falls or continue on to the summit of Mt Bartle Frere.

Remember that you will need to obtain a permit if you wish to camp overnight on Bartle Frere. See the DERM website link below. Self registration forms available at the beginning of the walk should also be filled in by all walkers.

Information supplied courtesy of the Wet Tropics Management Authority