While visiting our delightful town, we recommend that you take the time to drive/walk around and admire our many heritage listed commercial and private buildings. In Munro Street, you will see our quaint Post Office, as well as the Munro Picture Theatre, complete with canvas seats! In Parry Street, are the old Nurses’ Quarters; a wonderful example of 1950’s architecture. Babinda has been damaged by quite a few cyclones, but many homes and businesses have withstood the fury and remain as they were built in the early days of the town.

For over 100 years, our beloved Babinda Mill was the most important building in the town. Sadly it closed in 2011, and has since been demolished. View Professional photos of the mill.

 Dotted around the cane fields surrounding Babinda, you will see many “cane barracks”. These small and very basic buildings were home to the “gangs” of men who cut the cane by hand during the crushing period that went approximately from May to November. The numbers of men in each gang depended on the size of the farm, and ranged from about 2 to 6 men. The cane cutters came mainly from the south and “signed on” each year. They cut cane for about 6 months, worked very hard, and then returned to their homes for the “slack”, with lots of money in their pockets.

Our Information Centre building was originally Babinda’s police station. It was moved to its present position and now has pride of place beside the highway. We have lots of historical memorabilia available for you to look at, as well as mud maps of the town and its surrounds to ensure you don’t get lost. Please take the time to explore a small country sugar town that has changed little over the years.