1918 Cyclone

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This cyclone was widely regarded as the worst to hit a populated area of Qld. The towns of Babinda, Innisfail, Cairns, Ingham & Cardwell were destroyed. The cyclone swept inland over the Bellenden-Ker Range & the Atherton Tableland. Contemporary reports list 37 dead at Innisfail, and 40-60 aborigines killed nearby.

Innisfail (population 3,500) had only 12 houses left intact. At Bingil Bay a surge wave took the creek from the bridge 400 m upstream, and at the Bingil Bay Mission Beach area all structures were destroyed and debris reached a height of 7metres in the trees. It was reported that the cyclone continued for 4 days.

Written Transcripts

As we were unable to find anyone alive who was in the Babinda area at the time of the cyclone we have endeavored to locate any recorded oral histories. The following are three that we have discovered thanks to the Mulgrave Settlers Museum. Download as .pdf files)

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